What is AIA?

AIA is the artificial intelligence module, which is developing by TreeVeloper.
We are pleased to present the applications which are using AIA. Find them inside "PRODUCTS" section.

Revolutionary new view to artificial intelligence

We are modeling the human brain behavior – from biological functionality till abstract intelligence. We have imagination how the brain adapts to the environment, how processes the data, how creates abstraction, etc… And we are modeling and developing this behavior. It’s an extremely new direction and we are following it.

Revolutionary new approach to solving the problems

The algorithms which we are creating definitely differ from the existed approaches of the current technologies. We are keeping them in secret and cannot share the details, but the result will approve their electivity.


ArmMen (v1.1)

Price: Free
Interactive robot
Start ArmMen
Mrs. Rabbby (v1.0)

Price: Free
Interctive storyteller
Start Mrs. Rabby